Frontline Portfolio Manager: A Strategic Architect

The Frontline Portfolio Manager plays a crucial role in the transformation of brand strategies and campaigns into tangible and measurable activation plans. This role is all about bringing the brand’s vision to life on both consumer and shopper fronts. Here, we’ll explore the key responsibilities and qualifications for this position.

Coca Cola Jobs Frontline Portfolio Manage


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Activation and Integration: As a Frontline Portfolio Manager, your primary mission is to drive vertical integration of projects. This means creating alignment across various functions to develop and implement regional business plans and activation programs. Your goal is to meet the needs of brand, bottler, channel, customer, and marketing partners while maximizing key business objectives, including revenue, profit, and volume. The role of a Frontline Portfolio Manager at Coca-Cola is pivotal in driving business success. This position operates at the intersection of brand strategy and real-world execution. It’s all about translating high-level brand objectives into actionable plans that resonate with consumers and shoppers.
  2. Project Leadership: You will assume the role of a project leader for the projects you lead. This involves facilitating collaboration among various teams, including Category Teams, IMX Team (Integrated Marketing Experience), Customer and commercial, Franchise Leadership, Finance, Technical, PAC (Public Affairs, Communications, Sustainability and strategic Partnerships), Legal, and the relevant bottling partner’s team. Your role extends beyond coordination. As a project leader, you are entrusted with facilitating collective genius and collaboration among diverse teams. This means not only ensuring that everyone is on the same page but also fostering an environment where innovative ideas can flourish. It’s about transforming concepts into reality.
  3. Innovation and Execution: A critical part of your role is developing ideas and driving system-wide alignment. This encompasses executing key performance indicators (KPIs), budget management, and overseeing the execution of promotions that amplify brand ideas, programs, and innovations aligned with market deployment.
  4. Financial Oversight: You will be responsible for Direct Marketing Expenditure (DME) management and due diligence related to the projects you lead. This financial acumen ensures that resources are allocated effectively. Frontline Portfolio Managers also take on the crucial responsibility of managing financial resources. Specifically, they oversee Direct Marketing Expenditure (DME). This financial oversight ensures that budgets are effectively allocated to projects, helping to achieve the desired outcomes within defined financial constraints.
  5. Brand Analytics: A holistic understanding-based brand analytics approach is vital. You’ll provide insights into the overall brand progression, identifying risks and opportunities for brands, businesses, regions, and channels. Action Reviews (AARs) for specific projects will also be part of your responsibilities.
  6. Local Insights: You’ll serve as the owner of local insights, both brand/project-based and overall consumer psyche. This insight will be invaluable in effective strategy articulation and activation planning. Being the owner of local insights is a distinctive feature of this role. Understanding the local consumer psyche, as well as brand-specific insights, is critical. This knowledge is then communicated to the rest of the system for effective strategy articulation and activation planning. Effective communication and the ability to articulate insights and strategies are key skills.
  7. Field-Level Activation: Managing brand activation at the field level is essential. This includes activities like Point of Sale (POS) activations, promotions, and experiential marketing and events. Coordination with bottlers is key in this aspect. Managing brand activation at the field level is a boots-on-the-ground aspect of this role. This includes activities like Point of Sale (POS) activations, promotions, and experiential marketing and events. These initiatives leverage marketing assets to create real-world connections with consumers and shoppers. Coordinating these efforts with bottlers is essential to ensuring a consistent brand experience.


coca cola jobs frontline portfolio manage


Qualifications and Requirements:

To thrive in this role, you should possess the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field.
  • A minimum of 7 years of prior experience in translating marketing objectives into strategies and plans.
  • Strong business, commercial, and financial acumen with a proven track record of sustainable results.
  • Experience in brand strategy and its application across various channels.
  • Proven ability to lead cross-functional project teams and influence others.
  • An achievement-oriented mindset and the ability to manage multiple priorities effectively.


This Frontline Portfolio Manager role at Coca-Cola is based in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, and presents an excellent opportunity for marketing professionals who are eager to make a substantial impact on brand activation and strategy. If you have the qualifications and drive, don’t miss out on this exciting career opportunity.

To apply for this position, visit Coca-Cola’s official website to register and apply online. Your journey as a Frontline Portfolio Manager could be just a click away!